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IL ACDA is Alive and Well!

Greetings! And I hope by now, I can safely say “Happy Spring”! Maybe the winter weather has brought you and yours closer together – from all the staying inside we’ve all had to do. I’m glad many of us ventured to Peoria for ILMEA though, it was great to visit. All our ACDA activities were well-attended and very energetic. Many thanks to Kidder Music for providing music...

Season of Relevance

As much of the rest of the teaching  profession has wound down for a holiday break, or to hibernate, we are in full swing! On top of regular services and concerts, we know everyone wants to hear a choir  during the holidays.

Greetings from Normal!

I hope this finds you and yours well and happy! This is the first article I've written as your new ACDA President, and I'm delighted to serve our vibrant organization..

Ask Not What ACDA Can Do for You...

Many of you have heard my story of how I joined ACDA. I actually joined twice in the early 80’s, and quit when older members brushed me off because I taught elementary music, and didn’t teach a “real choir” (direct quote!) In 1994, Mary Ann Kastner of Lincoln Jr.

The Great American Hero

In the aftermath of the horrific shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, we began to hear stories of heroes. The teachers and staff of Sandy Hook were praised for their heroism in protecting the children, some at the cost of their own lives.


Thank you to all who attended and helped with the Summer ReTreat in June! It was definitely a "hot time" in more ways than one!

Only 3 months, 11 days, and 22 hours…

Our school district spring break starts on March 23 at 3:05 p.m., not that I’m counting. And if the weather holds, we get out of school June 1 (though who keeps track of that?) I try telling my students that we teachers are just as anxious for vacations as they are, though if the truth be told, I think we’re even more eager.


With the hustle and bustle of this season, it’s hard for me to comprehend that June is not that far away! The IL-ACDA Summer Re-Treat is moving from July to June in 2012. We will convene June 2729 at Illinois State University. We are excited to welcome our headliners, Dr. Joshua Habermann, and Mrs. Laura Farnell. Dr. Habermann will conduct...

President's Message

I know that we're all recently back into the routine of rehearsals, lessons, planning programs, and the other important things that define our lives as choral directors and teachers. I hope you found time to rest and revive yourselves before jumping back into the thick of it! Over eighty choral directors found that revival through the IL-ACDA Summer ReTreat ...

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President’s Message Sweet Betsey Who Puts the Community in Choir? • Interview with Kathy Manfredi • IL ACDA Composition Contest • Church PerspectivesHow one choir doubled its size in three years • High School Choral Concerts Programming Master Works • Worship Repertoire Project...

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President’s Message One Step at a Time • Children’s Choir SpotlightAchieving a Better Choral Sound through Listening; a Lesson from Suzuki • Junior High/Middle School Choral Curriculum and Assessment • IL ACDA Composition Contest • Interview with Carolyn Kellert • Reflections on: The Courage to Teach • Worship Repertoire Project...

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President’s Message • Youth Choir Spotlight • IMEA All-State Repertoire • IL ACDA Composition Contest • Interview with Terri Benz • Harold A. Decker Award • ACDA National Conference • Preview: IL Choir Performances An Interview with Joel Ross: Kantorei Boys Choir Director • Early Teaching Experiences: • Lessons Learned Along the Way Voices in the Wind...

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President’s Message • Illinois ACDA Composition Contest • Spotlight on Local Educators • Interview with Willie T. Summerville • Male Chorus Recommendations • Collegiate Chapter Updates • Meet Paul Jung • Thoughts from an Airline Seat Pocket...

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Summer Retreat Preview • Selecting Choir Repertoire • A New Chapter: A World of Opportunity for University Students • ACDA Choral Composition Contest • Baby Steps to Ensemble Building • Central Division Conference News 2010 • IMEA Conference Events For ACDA Members • Seeking Refreshment and Singing with Understanding...

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ReTreat Wrap Up • Repertoire and Standards Chairs • Hit the Ground Running • IL ACDA District Chairs • Deciding to Go to Graduate School Full-Time • Harold A. Decker Award • High School Perspectives • Save the Date: ReTreat 2010 • Central Division Conference News 2010 • Church Article...

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ReTreat 2009 Information • “Swimming Upstream Part II,” • “We Are ALL Experts,” • “Exhausted? Plant Some Seeds,”...

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ReTreat 2009 Information • “Swimming Upstream,” • “Rehearsal Strategies,” • Choral Composition Contest • ACDA Membership Form • “Looking for World Music,” • “Raising the Bar,” • “Music for Children’s Choirs,” •IMEA ACDA Reading Session...

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Upcoming Events • 2008 Fall Convention • IL-ACDA Fall Convention Schedule • ReTreat in Review: The Best Yet! • Digging and Digging Into the Chart • Save the Date: ReTreat 2009 • President-Elect & Harold Decker Award Nominations...

2008 Summer ReTreat, July 9-11

The main reason for the existence of Illinois ACDA is to help choir directors do a better job directing choirs. The main instrument of IL-ACDA to achieve this goal is the annual Summer ReTreat. Workshops, music reading sessions, the Directors Chorus, exhibits, and above all the supportive and friendly atmosphere all work together to increase our knowledge, improve...

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Choral Composition Contest • 2007 Summer ReTreat Registration Form • Text: The Key to Expressive Singing • IL-ACDA Fall Convention Highlights • Illinois Representatives at ACDA National Convention

In this issue

Re-Treat 2006 photo album • ACDA-Illinois Fall Convention • Dedicated to Song • Music from Summer Re-Treat 2006 • Where are the guys?

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Summer Re-Treat events and registration • ACDA-Illinois Fall Convention • Are you neglecting your women? • What are YOU doing here?

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Choral Composition Contest • Summer Re-Treat 2006 Headliners • Interview with Chet Alwes • ACDA-Illinois Fall Convention • Rediscovering “Choral Jewels”