Call for IL-ACDA President-elect

In an effort to open transparency and ensure every member has opportunity, the IL-ACDA Board has created a new process to source the candidates for the next slate for IL-ACDA President-elect. This new process is a complete departure from prior practice of slate development. We are excited about the possibilities for identifying new leaders using this new approach.

How will it work?

  • IL-ACDA needs a two-candidate slate for the office of IL-ACDA President-elect. 
  • Any IL-ACDA member can respond to this call and apply to be considered for the election slate of President-elect.
  • A committee comprised of the following people will review all the applications and determine the two candidates who will be placed on the slate:
    • Laura Coster, IL-ACDA Immediate Past-President
    • Paul Laprade, IL-ACDA President
    • Lee Kesselman, IL-ACDA Past-President
    • Mary Hopper, IL-ACDA Past-President; National ACDA Past-President
    • Arreon Harley Emerson, Chair of the National Diversity Initiatives Standing Committee
    • Robyn Hilger, National Executive Director for ACDA
  • The entire IL-ACDA membership will choose from these two candidates to determine who will become the next IL-ACDA President-elect.
    • The President-elect serves on the Executive Committee and Board of IL-ACDA and will be expected to serve a two-year term as President-elect effective immediately upon the October 2023 vote. The President-elect will advance to be the President of IL-ACDA on July 1, 2025 and will serve a two year term as President.

We are most interested in finding the best candidates for this role, and the committee acknowledges that the best candidates may come from less traditional backgrounds, may not have traditional ACDA experience but may have significant leadership in other areas of their professional career, and may possess many, but not all, of the skills listed. If you are interested in applying, we encourage you to think broadly about your background and qualifications for the role and how you might best contribute to IL-ACDA. All applications are welcome.

The person who would best thrive in this position would have many of these characteristics:

1. a creative vision for the present and future of IL-ACDA and the challenges it may face;

2. strong leadership skills & experience, demonstrated through ACDA and/or other organizations;

3. a commitment to goals of ADEIB (access, diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging) within IL-ACDA;

4. excellent communication skills, both verbal and written;

5. strong connections to current IL-ACDA members and awareness of activities, trends and goals of regional and national ACDA.

How to apply:

Applications will be taken starting August 20, 2023 and will close on Friday, September 15, 2023. To apply, use the link below. You will need to prepare and include the following:

  • Your Resume/CV; PDF upload only
  • Written Responses to the following questions; PDF upload only 
    • What are three challenges you see for the choral profession in Illinois and what ideas do you have about how IL-ACDA might rise to meet these challenges? (no more than 500 words)
    • Describe your relationship to and experience in supporting access, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging within choral music. (no more than 500 words) 
    • Please tell us about your leadership experience outside of conducting an ensemble. What skills did you use in your leadership role(s)? (no more than 500 words)
    • Tell us about your connections to ACDA and/or to the larger choral ecosystem. How will these connections inform your leadership in ACDA? (no more than 500 words)

Your Resume/CV must be submitted as a PDF document.

Please combine your written responses into a single PDF document for upload into the submission form.

You must fill out the application in one session or you will have to start over again.

Ready to apply? CLICK HERE

For questions, please contact IL-ACDA President Paul Laprade at